Gas Stations

These days it can be difficult to find the nearest gas station with high quality fuel at a low cost. At KJ's Super Stores we make it easy to fill up with the cleanest burning gas, and with 19 different locations between Idaho gas stations, Wyoming, Utah, and Nevada, you can count on us to help you along the way.

All KJ's Super Stores have fully-stocked convenience stores so you can fill up on your favorite snacks while your vehicle fills up on high quality fuel. All 19 of our gas station locations offer regular gasoline, mid-grade, premium, and diesel fuel. 15 of our locations even have a car wash! Each of our C-Stores in Idaho participate in the Idaho Lottery.

To find the gas station closest to you, use our map search above. If you are looking for a car wash and a gas station, look no further than KJ's Super Stores.